We are family, I got all my sisters with me!

Mi Familia

Mom is the middle child of 9 children. That brood turned out 22 first cousins and 11 first cousins once removed. There are plenty more on the way, I’m sure of it because the majority of us aren’t married yet. Including me, obviously!

How far back do you need to take a family photo?
How far back do you need to take a family photo?

My father is the eldest of 5, 3 of which are his younger step-sisters. This side of the fam churned out 10, of which I am the eldest. No offspring from the cousins yet, of which I am privy to.

I adore my family. I love the intricacies and the different personalities that come with such a large group of intimate relationships. By “intimate” I mean a closer familial bond that exists between relatives. In the case of the #BurgerFamilyNation, our family doesn’t have many boundaries when it comes to family secrets. I hope I’m not telling anyone something they don’t know. I definitely don’t spend hours of time traveling between peoples houses just to get some golden nuggets of information, but I usually learn something interesting in my travels. It’s all good. Now if I could leverage that into currency then I wouldn’t need to come up with a blog to generate income. My Aunt introduced me to one time as the one that keeps the family together. I ‘m not trying to be that person. I just love spending time with these awesome, loving, friendly people. Mostly they are probably that way because we share DNA, just kidding!! Hearing her say that got me choked up. It’s not very often that you get to hear yourself described to another person that way. (Magical moment)

Cousins by blood, Sisters at heart

Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world are magical women that I couldn’t imagine not knowing.

Life's greatest blessing
Life’s greatest blessing

I spent the last weekend with them, which is never long enough. We do a number of things each summer. We either camp, go to country music festivals, tube down the Battenkill River, check out some wineries, visit the Finger Lakes, walk treacherous coastal pathways in Maine, or a number of the above activities all in one summer.

This past weekend we went to CountryFest 2016 up near the farm. Shan and Britt bought their own place a few years ago. It’s about 40 minutes north of their parent’s house. Far enough to be far enough away.

Not far from the farm. Beauty!
Not far from the farm. Beauty!

I love going to visit them. It’s a vacation every time. The last two times, during which I’ve been unable to drive because of my surgery, T was an awesome companion. Despite the third guest bedroom, originally my room, being surrendered because of my need to be propped up for sleeping because of my shoulder, and me sleeping on the couch in the front ROOM OF LIGHT, I had a great time. I alway love visiting no matter how many scratches I end up with from Jax, the crazy hyper Russel Terrier.

After a heat wave throughout the week, Saturday rolls in with thunderstorms most of the day. The music festival was cut short. We were probably there for two hours, not even. Walking in from the parking lot I heard Thompson Square playing one of my favorite songs, Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not. I snapped (Snapchat) our rowdy group singing and walking along the roadway. I was actually the only one sing, and not very well, I might add. Found a spot to place our camp chairs, (which we never sat in) and headed to the beer tents! At $7 a pop we each bought two during the first band we actually got to see, Eli Young Band. When they finished the set they announced that Lee Brice, the headliner of the event, was on next. Mass panic! You’d think it was the last chance in history to get some crappy, (Corona and Yuengling were two of the four options) beers. We ran to grab two more beers before they stopped being sold. One of mine was still sitting on the dining room table half full the next morning because we had better things to drink when we got back to the house. Lee Brice is a sexy man with an even sexier singing voice so go check out his music!

Dance Dance
Dance Dance

There was an epic dance party back at the farm that night. It’s a shame you missed it! My ladies know how to throw down. They are my comfort zone, judgment-free, loving, supporting, rolling on the floor laughter inducing best friends for life. Thanks for being part of this journey. You’re stuck with me. (Evil Laugh)


Thank you for reading! Lots of love and gratitude.


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