HaPPy Birthday, Love!

**Special Edition**

Possibly my favorite picture of us.

Today is my best friend’s birthday. She’s not here to celebrate it though… 13823243_10100684302274839_2083088440_n I met this girl at our favorite local pub. (How it didn’t occur earlier I am baffled by) It was Ladies’ Night that night, one of the first of many awesome, pee in your pants inducing moments. CB was born in Ireland. I’m beyond grateful that her family moved stateside after she learned to talk because she had some awesome Irish phrases that she used! (I need to keep this short, otherwise, I’ll destroy my computer with the waterworks) CB was down for going out any night of the week. If she needed to chat in person I was over there in 12 minutes. She could walk much faster than me, I’m a pretty fast walker. After getting a job in the city she was worthy of being a competitive speed walking competitor. One of my last favorite memories with CB are from a visit to Pittsburgh after a friends wedding. (I will not post the photos of singing and jumping from the window to the bed to Disney songs from that day but if someone is willing to pay the right price I could make them public…jk not happening)

She was a beautiful soul. She went out of her way to assist her family. Always making sure everyone’s needs were provided for and that all were okay. She laughed. She enjoyed life. She was in love with being an Auntie and she was phenomenal at the task.

Treaterous round of musical chairs
Treacherous round of musical chairs

I’m still not quite sure why she left us.  One thing I do know for sure is that she’s not alone. Her greatest love is up there with her enjoying whatever it is that the afterlife has to offer. (I think it’s even better than the magic here on Earth) The most important thing that losing my best friend (I actually lost both of them at the same time, but that’s a story for a much later time) has taught me is that not dealing with stresses in your life, living with worry and anxiety were not things that serve the soul. “Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere.” I said that there is not point in worrying to my mom and she replied: “Wait until you have kids.”

My beautiful best friend taught me a whole heck of a lot. She changed my life even more so by leaving it (which overall still sucks). I am beyond grateful that she was a part of it. I wish her time wasn’t so brief.

Just part of our antics 

She was a special soul to grace the earth. I strongly believe that all who knew her know how blessed they are to have been in her presence. She was a ball of laughter and a spark of fun. She was so perfect. I know I had a lot more to learn from her. But I ran out of time. Which none of us are aware of before it happens. So my message, as always, it to love more, #spreadmorelove, eat up all life has. Enjoy yourself!

Special Moments

Today, I got to visit my favorite spot on the planet, the jetty at Sun n Surf Beach Club. I go there every time I go to the club. I went there today to send love to the Universe and to my friend. I paused along the walk to write my friend a message. It said “HaPPy Birthday” in sand. I thought it was far enough above the tide line to not be washed away. I spend some time sitting on the jetty appreciating the beauty. On my walk back the message was gone. I like to think that it was fully received by CB. I know she’s there. She sent me some butterflies this past weekend too. Thanks, babe! I love you too.

I know I’m all over the place. It’s hard writing about a lost loved one.

I don’t like flowers because they die. I’ve told people this because I don’t want flowers wasted on me. This week, my Peace Plant looks like this. 13838618_10100688650201559_1737266386_oMy coworkers sent me this beautiful plant as condolences when my bff passed. I love that I still have it. I love that I get to talk to it every day. I love that I get to care for it. I love that it cares for me. It’s a beautiful reminder.



Thank you for sharing with me.



“Keep on dreaming, Even if it breaks your heart” <3

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