I’m ghosting without even realizing it!

Does this happen to anyone else?

I’ve been on the dating apps often. I’m having a challenge because I lose track of conversations or I don’t get notifications fairly often. One case, in particular, this past week, hottie messages me one morning. I’m like “Yeah! Now we’re talking!” We go back and forth for a little while with small chat. Later on that day, after being sidetracked with stuff like work, I realize Hottie never responded to my last message. I go in and check the conversation and turns out he did respond, right away. So I apologize for not responding, because who wants Hottie thinking she’s not interested! We get to chatting again. He lives in his condo in Philly and it has a balcony! Sounds lovely. Now it’s Wednesday and I’ve lost track of him because, well, I’m busy living an epic life here, I’ve got lots of things going on, and he is buried under newer conversations.

If you’ve ever been online dating you know that the okay looking guys are far more frequent than the really really fine looking guys. Don’t judge me. I have a very expansive perspective on what is attractive. I’m not into the standard American Calvin Klein model. Well, I’ll take Orlando any day, but other than that I live a man like I like my homes; comfy, confident, and with lots of character.

I need to go find him.

I’ll keep you in the loop.

*FYI* Ghosting means: “The act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date”


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