What happens in Vegas…needs to be shared with the world!

I was in Vegas most of this week for my company’s HUGE International event. Hence the late weekly post. But there were two posts last week so I’m still ahead of the game.

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Epic event! The Main Event started with two of the Isagenix co-founders, Jim and Kathy Coover, and their son, Eric. They profoundly care about the company that they helped create and develop. My favorite statement that Kathy said is “If it’s not right for the customer, it’s not right for the company!”

“Our vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world.”


Have you met the owner/creator/developer of your company? Have you listened to that person or those people speak about why they work at that company or why they do what they do every day? I don’t think that most employees know the leaders of their company. I truly do not believe that most “worker bees” are aware who or why the person dictating their futures are in those positions.

How about dictating your own future? Dictating your own future WITH the backing of phenomenal passionate people that want you to have the most amazing lives that you can possible dream. The Coovers are passionate to say the very least. Even since I have joined this company, in October 2014, they have increased their efforts to bring success to each associate in the company. Their supports come through product development, professional training, or leadership bonuses to name a few.

Could they be any more generous?

Visualization tools!
Visualization tools!

(That was my Joey Tribiani impression)

The IsaBody Challenge is a 16-week personal transformation. It’s more than physical, they give you tools to support your mindset! The Grand Prize winner was announced on stage in front of 14,000+ people. It was a very emotional presentation. Fifteen finalists were brought to the stage to give a little snippet of their stories. (Tears were definitely shed.) Alvie Shepherd is the beautiful soul that won the $25,000 grand prize check. It was an honor getting to share in his journey and I will update this post when his story is posted on the challenge website.

Alvie is just one of the many profound transformation stories that Isagenix inspires. Listening to the stories shared on stage has reignited my passion for reaching my goal.

This conference was life changing. Next year I’ll have ten of you people there with me! #networkingisthebestworking I’m not kidding. Catch the fire! You are in charge of your life. You control how the shit goes down.Don’t let any person on the planet tell you differently!

Alvie and I celebrating!
Alvie and I celebrating!

Thank you for sharing with me, Beautiful People!


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