Breakthroughs occur when you’re ready, not when you want them

The lightness of it all


Have you ever gotten to the point in a situation, or, hell, your whole entire life, when you are ready to TAKE A DEEP BREATH and finally…


Brigitte Nicole

Let me tell you, it feels phenomenal. I thought that I had made this decision a number of times throughout the last year or so. I was pretending. Lying to myself. Self-sabotaging my progress because of a number of underlying issues that I was subconsciously struggling with overcoming. Have you been there?

Trust me, when you take that breath, when you make that decision to let go, you can’t imagine the weight that lifts off of you. I watched Tony Robbins‘ “I’m Not Your Guru” over the weekend. He has power and conviction and love to spread in excess. (If you’ve never heard of him you should check him out, click one of the links above.) My favorite line from this documentary was about how you can spend 10 years of your life working towards the person/change/goals you wish for in your life, but the actual breakthrough occurs in one single second. All it takes is one second to make the decision to do exactly, to be exactly, or to live exactly how you want to. It’s magical when you realize this fact. It is a fact, trust me. I’ll never be able to go back to the struggle I was going through. I’ve let it go. It took me way much longer than I care to admit just yet.

“Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.”

~Robert Brault


I am at peace with the effort I put into the things I have let go of. I struggled with “quitting” and giving up on something I truly wanted more than anything in the world. Sometimes things are not meant to be. Just not meant to be. “Accept the things you can not change” is how the saying goes, yes? Love the things you have even more in place of what you’ve released. They are what will give you joy and happiness.

And guess what…You’ll get more greatness by focusing on the greatness in your life!


I want you to know that when you take a chance on yourself it can get scary. Bumpy. Lonely. UNCOMFORTABLE.

And it’s truly beautifully worth the risk.

There are beautiful things to be had in this life. Let the magic in!!

Thank you for sharing on my journey. I love sharing with all of you, beautiful people!


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