What’s this Magic I keep referring to…how the Universe works!

Have you heard of a movie called The Secret? It was created by Rhonda Byrnes. At the time she was trying to finance this movie she had no money to do so. What did she do to make her dream a reality? She took out the last few hundred dollars that she had in her bank account and gave it all away. Crazy, right?!

What’s the deal?

The Secret says that the law of attraction is a natural force in the universe that acts upon our thoughts and feelings. It discusses the secret known to those who have been successful at life.

I am currently listening to The Power on audiotape during my daily commute. It is a follow-up book to The Secret. The Power is a phenomenal tool to bring all the goodness into your life. I don’t really want to give it away, but then my post would be super short and pointless.

What is The Power?

 Click the pic, get it on Amazon, and let me know what you think!

Love. The Power of the Universe is Love.

Love is what drives all good things into your life. Love will make your reality exactly how you’ve always dreamt. The more love you let rule and guide your life the faster you receive amazing things that you’ve wished for.

You know the phrase, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”? Until listening to this book, I thought that it had a completely different meaning. Like in physics when you learn about applying a force to a ball sending the ball in the opposite direction…Yea, that’s not really what it means.
"Newton's Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body." 

That's from Wikipedia. For example, a swimmers stroke moves the water backward while the water drives the swimmer forward. Equal and opposite interaction. (Without getting all scientific and in depth)
What if we apply it this way, as Rhonda Byrnes suggests, that when you send massive amounts of love into the world, massive amounts of love come back to you. I think this concept is beautiful and profound. I’ve been working on basic the structure of my life on this thinking. When someone cuts me off, dangerously close, in traffic I have my initial reaction of “You Idiot!”, or some other expletive, but then I just laugh and wish them a safe journey to wherever they are going and to whoever else they might have such interactions with on the road. There is no point in getting mad and holding on to that anger. It doesn’t serve you in a positive way. That person is probably oblivious to what he just did or is in a rush to meet his wife at the hospital as she goes into labor. You don’t need to take it personally. You do not have to let it affect you at all. Wish them well and thank the Universe for always protecting you. When I have a conversation with someone that doesn’t go how I’d prefer it to go, or positively at all, I take a second, breath, and send loving energy towards that person. You will always benefit from wishing others well, or what I call sending love.
I highly recommend this book. Listening on audio is a perfect way to commute to work every day and be filled up with resilience and positivity.

Thank you for sharing with me!

PS The Secret is on Netflix!

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