“What are you looking for?”…Here’s my answer

I know you’re all dying for some #adventuresindating stories. The truth is, I have been traveling an absurd amount with my team this month, and I have either been talking to flaky men that don’t follow though when it comes to the actual physically meeting part or I’m just not that interested. Mainly the latter is the case. I know what I want. I’m not apologizing for setting a few minimum standards.

Let’s not change the subject

This wasn’t what I intentionally set out to write my post about this week, but why not. It is, after all, my blog. I’ve been active on the dating sites so we can’t say it’s for a lack of effort. One profile I read recently used the term “Alpha male” to describe himself (he also said he strictly wants a female under 5’5″ and lives in New Jersey). I’m not into that, the alpha male thing. I have very strong feeling about women being the truly dominant gender. I want a man that strengthens my weaknesses and I want to do the same for him. I’m not interested in being a dainty housewife accommodating his every need while he beats his chest about how great of a “man” he is. Women are fantastic creatures.  I believe, in general, that we are more thoughtful partners, better suited for running a household, and capable of fully taking care of ourselves in any manner we see fit. Control is not something I desire from my partner.

So what do I want?

My man helps with the household duties. We are in this together, yes? I admit, I hate cleaning, but if you’re cleaning with me while rocking out to an awesome playlist and making the time go twice as fast you can count me in!

Relationship Growth
Relationship Growth

I do love cooking. I want to takes turns cooking dinner for one another because that’s something I hope we share a passion for. My mom cooked for our family throughout my entire childhood up until my dad retired from his job a few years ago. He took over the cooking and seems to believe that he’s the one that came home from work every night and cooked dinner for his growing family. Not quite sure how 20+ years of being cooked for escapes his memory, but my mom did a great job and I never had complaints about her capabilities, except for the lima beans. My dad has a great passion for cooking, but you aren’t getting anything fancy from him!

My partner is as passionate as I am about traveling. Sitting at home watching a sporting event or only traveling to watch sporting events won’t work. I prefer road trips to theme parks for thrilling rollercoasters. Traveling for culture, architecture, cuisine, and relaxation are what I’m talking about, ie must have a passport and not mind air travel.

I want a guy that wants to have an adventure finding the best Irish coffee in our neighborhood. He loves playing bar trivia with great craft brews. He plans special events for us to do together, not because it’s an anniversary or birthday, but because he enjoys celebrating our relationship. My partner is financially put together, which includes balancing a checkbook and maintaining a savings account. A credit score above 750 and stock market investments are a huge plus (+++). These are all things that I have. I’m not asking for anything that I can’t bring to the table myself.

I hope he likes to dance, cuddle, sing, and play in the snow(pretty much be playful). A family-oriented guy that likes to try new foods, is kindhearted, open and honest is what I can’t wait to meet! (I carry the full list around in my pocketbook)TraciEvolve Pic 3

Manifesting your soulmate is fun. It does require quite a bit of patience, though. I’m riding the wave and have full trust in the Universe. I know we are both on our paths to meeting each other at the perfect time.

Thank you for sharing with me this week! Loads of love and an abundance of greatness to you, Beautiful People!


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