It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Autumn is here!!
I love my hair in this pic so even though it’s from ’09 I’m including it!


I love the fall. It is absolutely my favorite season. It’s pretty much the main reason I am not ready to give up life as a New Yorker and become a local islander in the Caribbean. Who am I kidding? I can live on a secluded island and walk on the beach 320 days per year and come back to my east end beach cottage for the fall season each year. I mean if you live without fall foliage and apple cider donuts you aren’t really living life!

I alway buy pumpkins with the intent of decorating in some fabulous fashion and making some sort of masterpiece. I end up with two small pumpkins adorning my desk with no real embellishment. And of course the cornucopia on my kitchen table for me, and only me, to enjoy.


I love my god-daughter!
I love my god-daughter!

14484734_10100726175660239_4283880104254978141_nHeading out east this weekend for a family wedding. Apple picking, pumpkin picking, and freshly picked vegetables (that are fairly priced!). How can you not love it? I do secretly wish that it would be cut off to new visitors as it has become way over populated, particularly on the weekends. But I just hope that it will be love and enjoyed in a way the preserves its beauty.

Each bus trip is a “tour of the fall foilage.” Even if I’m on a super uncomfortable bus and forced to work on the weekend…I hope everyone gets to enjoy this season as much as I do.

If you have never been to Rise of the Jack-O-Lantern I recommend it. It’s an awesome experience. But carpool with your group! Parking is not the fun part.


I love you all! Short and sweet. Can’t wait to see my family in two days. Ill have a lot of content for you next week! (mostly awesome pictures!)

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