Stumbling along the dating scene makes for good laughs at least.

Writing a blog is an interesting experience. I go on Pinterest and see pin titles such as “How I made over $2950 in my 5th month of blogging” or “12 Habits of successful bloggers.” I come up with a dozen ideas during the week as I go through my daily life. And now I’m sitting here at 7:30pm trying to come up with a blog post to give you.

Problem is…I don’t sit down and write those blogs as the ideas come to me. So now my head is empty. This week I plan to take more time to write out my thoughts. Because you deserve to hear the funny shit that I come up with.

I do have an #adventuresindating story to share!

It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a date. No real interest in anyone, along with a busy work schedule and a preference for meetup groups in the city have kept me from the dating scene. So, I was excited to get back on my apps and get some activity going.

I found this man, or he found me. He’s a bit older at 43. He was very enthusiastic. He loved my name (which he told me multiple times), was extremely interested in meeting me, and even though he lives in CT, he was adamant that he is around this area all the time for work so there would be no issues with seeing one another. After I gave him my cell phone number he texted me 8 messages which included 5 photos, immediately! I didn’t respond within 10 minutes and I get a “hello??”. Now if you’re not familiar with texting etiquette that “hello??” is quite aggressive. On a side note, I got a message with this, “????”, at the end of a sentence from a parent of an athlete today.

I was getting a bad feeling. I wanted to tell my cousin about it, but I also wanted to give me a chance. I am looking for someone that is excited to be with me and know how special it is for me to give you my time. This is something I’ve been missing for a long time now. I thought “hey, he’s “hopelessly romantic” (which he told me multiple times) why not see where this goes.” I didn’t think hopelessly romantic meant smothering love from a man I haven’t met yet.

I reached out to my cousin because I know she needed to hear this. I couldn’t ignore this weird feeling I was getting about this date. We have messages for about a day and texted for a few hours before my flags were going up…here’s why…

Am I right?
Am I right?

This guy within 24 hours has referred to me as “his queen” and “divine” before taking it offline. Then came “sweetie“, “sweetheart“, and “my sunshine“.  Oh, and “hun”!

My skin crawls thinking about it! I kindly let him know that I did not like pet names. In the past, I’ve used “babe” exclusively with my boyfriend. Even my high school boyfriend had a nickname that we only used when writing to each other, not out loud. Certainly not before we were exclusively together!

He went into this huge rant, canceling our date for tonight. He did wish me well. Then proceeded to go on again for about 3 texts. Then about 5 more. This is when I muted the conversation because I can’t stand men that are going to treat me like every woman that has done them wrong. Sorry, dude! You want to tell me that I have trust issues because I don’t like pet names? Hopeless Romantic 2

I think what really set him off was that I used the word “strangers” in reference to the fact that we haven’t met yet and he’s calling me his sunshine…

Either way, my gut was telling me what to do before this dude decided to flip out rather than respect a simple request to no call me creepy pet names before we met!

I don’t know if this makes me “uptight and conservative.” I certainly don’t think I am. I am, at 33, aware that not all men suck, that not all men have the same issues and that I don’t have trust issues like this guy who is “allergic to trust issues.” Yup. I explained that my trust issue if I have a “trust issue”, is that I tend to trust people too much. Which of course he turned into a generic “women all have trust issues” comment. He continued to complain about women in an almost incoherent manner. I only finished reading his messages today, mainly, because I needed the research for my blog post!

Thanks for sharing your time with me this week, Beautiful People!

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