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Warning fellas, this one is for the ladies!

Okay, so you know that “thing” we are hassled with every 28 days?

Yes, Guys, I said to leave. I appreciate you supporting my post but this one is not going to be something you want to delve into.

Well, I have been on birth control since I was 16 or 17. No, I was not sexually active. I had some yet to be diagnosed thing that happened to me when I got my period. I remember the first time I was showering downstairs (which was super lucky bc I normally shower up in my bathroom) and I blacked out and fell while getting into the shower. Yea, scary AF! I yelled for mom and I remember her being annoyed because she was getting ready to go somewhere that morning. But I was scared as shit. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before this. I believe I stayed home that day because of nausea and this questionable “illness”.

It happened a number of times before I sought help from my gyn. (Who, fun fact, was the doctor that delivered me. Glad I found that out after she first examed me. It was slightly awkward, but kinda cool.) I passed out in the nurses’ office bathroom in my high school. I woke up not sure where I was before I was more worried about how long I had been in there without anyone noticing.www.TraciEvolve.com Diva Cup

In college, I was a sales rep for Cutco Cutlery. (I was pretty awesome at that job. And people now would even by more, like my parents!) I was in a car on the way to an event with a bunch of other reps. I remember circling the drive to find parking when I realized what was happening. I yelled to let me out of the car and ran to the lobby bathroom. You have no idea how grateful I was to make it into the bathroom in time. I proceeded to sit there, miserable, while my teammates worked on getting me an early check-in so that I could lay down. I specifically remember this occasion because it was the first time that I could actually lay down in between bouts of vomitting. This was a big deal if you’ve ever had a similar experience or food poisoning. One time I got up, to puke, and I blacked out. Waking up with blood on my arm and the floor. LOVELY! When I was able to get up and look in the mirror I saw that my nose was split open. I was already embarrassed that I was in my room sick instead of at the convention. Now I had a bloody swollen nose to go along with me for the rest of the weekend. I don’t remember anything Cutco related that weekend. I remember taking a team picture with a huge scab on my nose…I got on birth control after that.

Since then, I’ve only had one incident while my insurance changed and I had to switch medications. Sorry Lara! Her car was where that took place on the way home from a weekend in the Poconos. That’s the last time I had an issue with this undiagnosed “illness”.

Welcome to the point of my post…everyone else makes you wait twenty minutes into it too, yes?

I’m on a trimonthly medication. I love only having my period 4 times per year. Who needs to bleed and be completely uncomfortable longer than that??? When a guy gets sick it’s like 20 period days in ONE DAY! They can’t handle being sick AT ALL. But that just my experience between my dad and boyfriends. So life changing information…it’s on it’s way….I promise…okay here it comes…..the picture won’t load!!!!

It’s called the Diva Cup. Now I know, at first it seems gross. Do you read the warning labels on tampons?? SERIOUSLY, have you read it? It’s very very scary. How can you just be like “okay, this is cool. Everyone is doing it”? This is the alternative to sticking toxin cotton into you very sensitive private parts. It’s not nearly as gross as you might be thinking at this point. It’s a cup. A silicon cup that catches your womanhood. No leaks. No damaged panties! It works!! I’ve used it about 3 times so far. My last cycle I even used it on a heavy day and left it in all day. It did not overflow. It’s comfortable. It’s non-toxic. I really see no downside.

Here’s the real deal. You need to www.TraciEvolve.com DivaCupplace it where it’s supposed to go. So if you aren’t comfortable with yourself, you have some bigger issues. (Sorry, but get comfortable with the fucking body you are living a lifetime with.) You need to fold it like the directions tell you and place it correctly so that it suctions the right way. Let me tell you the one difference that is really not a big deal (but I work with blood so I don’t have a problem with it), but I’m sure some people will have a sticking point with. When you take it out to clean it it’s bloody. It’s not absorbing everything like a tampon does. It’s clean and natural. But you’ll need to get over the extra amount of bloody. It’s not sterile. You will see your natural lady-hood. You should love it. It grows miracles. But not right now obviously. It fits in my palm better than a tampon does! Even if you’re not in a single bathroom you can use toilet paper to wipe it out and replace it. #noshame It’s all you, baby! Get comfortable! I only need it for three days max anyway. I only take it out because I freak out that I’m going to overflow, but I haven’t been near making it to the top so there is no need to worry. Rinse it out or wipe it out, my vote is a huge yes for this #gamechanger of a menstrual product!

If you have questions. Holla at yer girl!

Thank you to everyone that shares their time with my blog! I appreciate all of you, Beautiful People! More than you’ll ever know.

PS I’m watching the CMAs which is 1000% awesome and making my country girl scream out loud!

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