This is a magical place that everyone should visit!

Today was completely magical!

I keep finding the perfect images for my hastag #eatsprinklesshitandrainbows
I keep finding the perfect images for my hashtag #eatsprinklesshitandrainbows

I had the day most amazing experience at Spa Castle. It’s a building filled with saunas, baths, and JETS. I emphasize jets because it’s like having a personal masseuse follow you around for hours working on very strategic parts of your body. Like I said, Magical. Oh, and nekked people! (that’s my extra special way of saying naked)

A girl can dream...
A girl can dream…

I know you’re all very enticed by the naked people statement. But you’ll have to wait until the end.

After getting my locker situation sorted out (the batteries on the lock needed to be changed by a maintenance lady while I anxiously waited to get this experience going), I ran into the tiny restroom to put my bathing suit on in private, like a prude. Not like most of the other ladies around me just free balling all over the place. I accidentally walked into the bathing pools area and quickly realized that no one was clothed. I quickly found my way upstairs to the communal area and took a deep breath of relief.

I found my way to the sauna I was most excited about, The Gold Sauna. Yes, the walls are covered in gold. It was much smaller than I had imagined and the chatty Asian trio that was in there made it challenging to silence my mind. I stayed for about 10 minutes and moved on to my next experience, which was far better.

Himalayan Salt Sauna
Himalayan Salt Sauna

The air felt so pure, which is a property of Himalayan Salt. The room was quiet and hot. I focused on not focusing on anything. I laid there just being. I felt good. I wanted to get to all of them so I moved on after about another 10 minutes. The cold therapy sauna is called Ice Land. It was a brisk 32 degrees. Very refreshing after being in saunas for about 20 minutes at this point. It was like that break I took that one time I went to hot yoga and was about to pass the fuck out. It’s like breathing when there was no oxygen. Or when someone you are driving thinks it’s funny to let out the most deadly fart you’ve ever experienced in your life, the kind where all the windows go down and you stick your head out of the car just so you don’t gag your way into a car accident. (Yes, it was funny but it was literally difficult to laugh because all the oxygen was sucked up by fart particles at the time) Jade Sauna
Jade Sauna

My favorite sauna was the Jade Sauna. It smelt good and was super pretty. It also had benefits like calcium and magnesium that help with vital organ repair (or something to that effect). All the saunas had some kind of health benefit. Boy and I feeling ready for a totally zen night of sleeping and reaping the benefits.

I was not planning to buy any food. But I do want you to know that if you spend the whole day there that there are great options available. I only glanced over the selection. It varied from fried chicken to sushi and salad to some cheese covered thing that could have been lasagna or chicken parm. Alcoholic beverages are available and there is a pool connected to the bar. I imagine it would be fun for a bachelorette party (except for the 3 drink maximum). We are here for rest and rejuvenation so I think that is a good plan on their part.

I was about to get in the indoor pool when I looked outside. I had to go for it! On the way out I asked the Lifeguard if it was worth it. Like is it worth it to go outside in my bathing suit in November when its about 30 degrees out? His reply “Yes, and it’s actually not bad out today.” Awesome! It was quite chilly but OH SO WORTH IT! There are two large pools. Each one has a number of “stations” where you sit and get loved on by strategically placed jets. My favorite was the first one that surrounded me on all sides and from the bottom. The next one I went to has left me a bit sore. So sore that I had my cousins check my back to see if it is bruised. It was a neck jet that blasted my upper back. It was slightly painful so I moved so the stream worked up and down my upper back. I think I hit every station option that there was. Naked
Rocking out

It was lovely being outside in late fall but totally warm and getting spa treatments. Just lovely. As I’m moving around the facility I’m talking myself into hitting up the naked pools. How can I not? I’ve never been given an opportunity like this. When I first go there ladies were just strolling through the locker room like NO BIG DEAL. And I know it’s a cultural thing to be prudish about our bodies. Hell, until I got there I would have told you that YES, I am completely comfortable in my body. I love my body. I walk around at home with as little clothing as I can get away with.

But no, I was totally about to peace out like a chicken shit. I went to my locker and stood there for a minute. Turned my phone on to see if I missed any important messages. Told myself that there is no way I won’t regret walking out the door without doing this. And I agreed. Gotta give me credit for knowing myself so well. I have spent 30 some-odd years being me. I decided to go for it.

I walked in the special pool room, shitting my bathing suit bottoms…I felt like everyone in there knew I was a newbie and was trembling. But I know that not one single person actually cared or even noticed. I didn’t know how to go about this. Do I just stand here and strip?? Like what do I do? Someone help me!

I walked over to the shower and started rinsing off like we’re supposed to do before bathing. That’s when I realized what to do. Just like any time that I take a shower in my bathing suit. I rinse off and clean my suit at the same time…then take it off and actually shower as I normally do. And that’s how it went down. Trying to ignore the fact that I was now nekked in proximity to the little 3-year-old that was now in the naked pools with her mom (she happened to be the first person that said hello to me earlier when we met by our lockers).

I turned around and grabbed my towel. Held it over my front. Not sure what to do next. It’s an overwhelming position to be NUDE in front of at least 15 other people. Have you ever been naked like that? It’s exhilarating and scary af all in one jumble of emotions.

I went in the jetted pool with about 8 other ladies. Chilling on the lounge style station I look down and notice my boobs are well above the level of the water and I wonder how long they’ve been there. It’s cool. No one is checking me out. I don’t think so at least.

So I’m ready to get out. But fear stricken about exposing myself again. How come so many of these women seem totally cool strutting around with boobs bouncing all over the place? I talk my self into moving. I get out the nice 102-degree pool and decide its a good idea to dunk my body in the 73 degrees “cold pool” for a hot second. It was quite refreshing but of course, another lady walking in right behind me after no one was in there the entire time I was in the room…

I showered. I got dressed. I felt Amazing. I can’t wait to go back and do it all over again. I’m going to force my cousins to come next time they are down. Not getting any ideas that they will go in the NeKKed Pools (my name for them). But it was so freeing. I forced myself to get over any issues I had with my body. No one else is paying as much attention to me as I am. And you should realize that too. Love yourself. Stop judging yourself so harshly. You have to live with you. Enjoy it, Babe!!


Thank you for sharing your time with me!


HaPPy Thanksgiving! Write out 5 things you are grateful for. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Hug someone, tightly. Love you, Beautiful People!



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  1. You are hilarious and I love you so much!!!! This just made me laugh out loud and now I want to be in a jade sauna!! Keep on keeping on you beautiful babe!

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