A powerful instrument to change your life.

What is your first thought when you wake up in the morning? Is it “Oh, shit I have to get up already, and go to work…again,
fml!”, or is it “I can’t wait to see what amazingly awesome things happen to me today!”? Do you visualize the way you want Www.Tracievolve.com vision 3 your life to be? Or do you just let life happen to you? Are you constantly reacting to things as they occur or speaking your desires into reality and bringing them to you consciously. Do you know what visualization is?

Let’s start with defining Visualization:

Creative Visualization refers to the practice of seeking to manifest your desires by changing your thoughts. It is the technique of using your imagination to visualize specific things you wish to have, do or be, and/or behaviors or events you wish to occur in your life.

Visualization is an extremely powerful tool to bring about the things you desire in your life. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you start practicing. Plus, it’s fun as hell to wake up in the morning Www.TraciEvolve.Www.TraciEvolve.com What you seekkiss my magnificent hubby hello and take a walk on my private beach before doing yoga in the firm sand followed by taking a dip in my hot tub with the foot and leg jets that hit the perfect pressure points…all before breakfast, which was cooked up by said hubby.

Www.Tracievolve.com Vision Board 2
My vision board is my cell phone background

That’s how you visualize. You create a reality with your thoughts. You feel the reality with your imagination. You experience the emotions of that situation as though you are in it. As though it is real. And it shall be.

The Four Laws Of Focus:

  • What you focus on, you find.
  • What you focus on grows.
  • What you focus on seems real.
  • What you focus on you become.

It’s easy to be skeptical. There are many examples of it working. One of my great friends from high school set a timeline to meet someone, go to med school, get married, and start a family with ages included. Yes, she checked it all off by being focused on her goals.

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction. Visualization is enforcing the principles of LOA. There are a ton of resources to help guide you in the practice. Napoleon Hill, Abraham Hicks and Bob Proctor are excellent teachers.

Check them out and let me know what you think. You’re life could change if you open your mind and focus on what you truly want.

We’ll talk about why visualization is so important tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing, Beautiful People!


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