What is your “Why”? What the hell is a “Why”, Tracie?

What is your “Why”?

  • Why do you get up in the morning?
  • Why do you go to work?
  • Why are you saving for retirement?…I should preface that with, Are you saving for retirement?
  • Why aren’t you traveling as much as you’d like to?
  • Why did you go to college, or didn’t?
  • Why do you make the financial decisions that you make?
  • Why do you hang out with the people you hang out with?
  • Why?

Why is the emotional reason and leverage for which we do or don’t do anything. It’s the spark that ignites passion. This definition is from a program I use that is designed by Rod Hairston www.TraciEvolve.com Rod Hairston

Everything you do, all your daily habits, actions, and decisions occur for a reason. The motivation behind everything that you do is your “Why”. Now, the main difference between being successful in achieving your goals and having the life you dream of is whether or not you are clear and focused on what it is that is driving you, your “Why”.


Can you answer those questions above with more than:

  • I have to
  • To pay the bills
  • Everyone else does
  • That’s how it’s supposed to be done
  • No
  • I don’t have enough money
  • So that I can retire
  • Because we’ve been friends forever
  • I don’t know

You are not obligated to do anything that you do not want to do. If you have to work to make money then do something you truly enjoy. Find a way to earn income that enhances your life. There are millions of jobs. There is more to life than a 9-5. Although, I’m sure at this point many people would like a 9-5. It has many perks. I think the main issue is that employers don’t take care of employees like they used to. So now to live comfortably on a 9-5 you need a 5-10 job as well. Screw all of that. Make up a job and figure out how to get paid doing it. Yes, it’s much scarier (Push and stretch those comfort zones!), but it’s also flexible and fun.

Being in the service of others is how to truly be wealthy in this life. I’m not talking slave labor here. What I’m saying is that helping others, bringing value to other people’s lives is what lifts you up to the higher level. That’s how you earn more to line a better life, by helping others do the same. It benefits everyone.

My “Why”

I want to create financial freedom for myself and my family so that I can travel as I please. I am creating secondary and tertiary streams of income to build a network of creative outlets that support my lifestyle. I want to show others, of all ages, that the standard 40-40-40 is not the way to create a life for yourself. College is no longer a requirement. Living in debt is not the way to keep up with the Jonses. I want people to be financial literate. I want to change the thought process on how to grow up and live life. Why wait until you think you can afford to retire to #startyourlife.

I think financial literacy is one of the greatest failures of the education system. Where did you learn how to manage or mismanage finances? I learned from my mom. She was a great educator. I did a lot of it on my own too, but that’s just because it interests me. I like researching how the stock market works (I am a Motley Fool member), I can manage my finances without balancing a checkbook, and I pay myself first (I save money before I spend it). These are basic things that most people fear because there is such a stigma around money. Ever heard “money is the root of all evil”? It is most certainly not evil at all. Money is freedom. Money is fun. Money flows to me freely and I accept it willingly. (That is a money affirmation)

**40-40-40 means working 40 hours a week for 40 years, OF YOUR LIFE, in order to live on 40% of your income in retirement** Doesn’t that sound like the fucking dream! NO! It does not.) Life is meant to be lived right now. Grab it and squeeze out all you can. Sitting around waiting for retirement to live is just plain sad.

Doesn’t that sound like the fucking dream! NO! It does not. Life is meant to be lived right now. Grab it and squeeze out all you can. Sitting around waiting for retirement to live is just plain sad.

This is my why vision from the healthy mind and body program that I referenced above,

I wake up every day aware of how I am able to change someone’s life for the better today through genuine compliments and effective listening. Every day I am excited because I am on a transformational journey. I have created financial freedom for my family. I am excited to make a difference in other people’s lives, giving back and joyfully serving others. I continue to grow to be better for my future and for my family. I see myself as who I want to be and not who I am not. I speak to myself in a positive manner and focus on my visions.
 It is how my life will be when I reach my Vision.
OK, I’ve got to go enjoy my first Friday off since August!
Thank you for sharing your time with me.
Love you, Beautiful People!





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