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Natural Remedy Overload

I know I just wrote about essential oils the other day, but I love using them and I did this awesome webinar today so I need to share with you.

Dr. Josh Axe is offering another webinar tomorrow on Leaky Gut. You need to register. Today’s webinar had a limit of 8,000 participants. I signed in early and watched the number rise very quickly to 8,000. So if you’re interested register now and log on about 10 minutes before the actual start time.

I know basics about essential oils. I know lavendar is great for relaxation and sleep. Peppermint literally stops headaches in their tracks. Tea Tree oil is good for wounds and gum health. Lemon is useful for cleaning around the house. Most of the articles I’ve read about the most effective/most useful oils all give you the same list:


  • Lemonwww.TraciEvolve.com Oils
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Melaleuca
  • Frankincense


Dr. Axe actually went deeper into specific lists of essential oils for:

  • Energy
  • Weight loss
  • Brain Health
  • Fighting/Preventing Cancer (Yes, there are studies to back this up)
  • DIY Recipies like for Sore muscles and Thickening Hair (I can’t wait to try these)

There is so much to learn about these ancient medicinal tools. I learned that Frankincense is referenced in the Bible hundreds of times. (Don’t quote me on that, I know the number of references if a lot though.) There are a couple of oils that help reduce inflamation that damages brain health. (You bet I bought one of those ones. Along with taking out my frankincense and rubbing it on my temples immediately.)

Dr. Axe offered hundreds of dollars worth of material at the end of the webinar that I joined today. I, of course, took advantage of the offer. As I’ve said in earlier posts, I’m a sucker for a good deal. Especially when it’s about learning more in an area of interest that I’ve already been utilizing. I’m quite excited to become an “essential oil expert” within the next few months as Dr. Axe says. You do not need to buy anything to learn from his webinars.

I’ve been adding essential oils into my daily use more and more. He said there are a number of oils that he uses daily. I might have added 3 extra oils to my water today after learning of their benefits. Yes, essential oils are ingestible. But not all of them. And you need to be sure you are using 100% therapeutic grade oils if you plan to ingest. Just like any other product, quality varies in the industry. I use doTerra oils. After watching the webinar, I decided to order more oils for my Dec 9th shipment because the special this month is that if you buy $200 worth of product you get frankincense ($65 value) for free! Come on now, I had to take advantage of this awesome deal.

So many uses!
So many uses!

Thank you for sharing your time with me!

Love you, Beautiful People!

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