It shouldn’t be rocket science to save a few dollars

Travel assistance

Does anyone else feel Clueless when trying to get the best prices when booking a trip?


Why is it so difficult? I should be able to go to one site and get a bunch of options for different hotel, flight, or tour pricing. I don’t understand why I need to get prices from five different “best deal” websites.



I used to use Expedia exclusively. This was before all these other options became available. Another reason I do not go straight to Expedia is that they did not help me out when I missed a flight and in France because of a number of train issues, including the Eurostar being 2 hours late. **Side note, if you plan on using the Eurostar, leave plenty of room on your arrival time. Both times that I used this service it was extremely delayed. One time I was traveling with my friend and in no hurry, so it was just an inconvenience. But the other time it cost me hundreds of dollars in rebooking a flight and spending the night in the Charles de Gaulle airport. Fun times.**



My cousin shared a post about Elona the Explorer on Facebook a few months ago. Bookmark this chick. She shares amazing travel tips and tricks on her blog. Like how she affords to travel for weekend jaunts all over the world for cheap. Her blog is jam packed with adventure deals. She’s kinda my idol.

Back to the best deal scavenger hunt. My first step is to go to and type in my info. If I have set dates then it’s obviously more rigid. If you don’t have set dates you can pick your departure city and go around the globe to see flight prices to any place where there is a major airport. I’m looking for my January travel. So this trip has generally specific dates.

I went to book directly through the company website because I am a rewards member there and they are running holiday promotions. But my flight wasn’t listed! I go back to google and click through to the “Buy it” link and it takes me to the same company website but with the flight and price that I want. What gives?? Yes, I did Snapchat this situation, to see if anyone else could see something I was missing.

I booked it and had “travel bank” coupon for $15 off. Sweet!

Now I need to book the next two legs of my trip. Direct flights are rare out of the place I need to go so right now I’m trying to figure out what is my best option that doesn’t have a 5am departure to rush home for.

I’ll be utilizing a couple of the apps that Elona recommends for flights. One great thing about Expedia is that Ebates offers 10% cash back on purchases. (If you haven’t heard of ebates or don’t use it, you should be because it’s free money! Follow the link to find out more.)

Now to score a great deal for transfers to and from the airport.

Holiday party tonight! The Greene Turtle= Cheesy crab goodness!

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Love you, Beautiful People!

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