Can’t stop the magic!

Today was AWESOME

You know why? Nothing truly spectacular happened. But so many beautiful things did happen. I meditated. Which I haven’t done in a while actually and it has been affecting me quite subctancially. I’ve committed to watching this Bob Proctor meditation for the next thirty days. It’s quite profound as far as the impact this meditation makes on your physical body. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared it before and you’ll enjoy it.

Number 1…

I was at Physical Therapy when I got a message from one of my bf’s that she decided to come to New York for the holidays. I was so excited!!! She lives in Canada and I only see her once maybe twice per year. She’s a strong grounding force in my life. A friend from college that has since relocated and started multiplying like rabbits. She’s a mommy. A great mommy. But as we’re texting right now, she thinks I’ll be just as good as she is with the amount of sleep she gets while sharing her bed with two children under four. Let me tell you how I share my bed with no one. Even sharing my bed with my phone keeps me up. I am far from mothering humans. But if I meet the right man that may change quickly. I know that. As she just pointed out. However, I have at least a 3 month engagement and 10 month pregnancy before I need to worry about a tiny person interrupting my lifestyle. I love her. I was so excited to watch her breast feed her newest baby girl while we sipped hot cholocate at DD.

Seeing all three of my best friends in a matter of two weeks is absolutely magical. They live in London, Toronto, and Raleigh. So seeing them all is so special to me. Nikki was last week. Charita this week. Janice next week. #BLESSED is an understatement.

Number part 2…

…I gave out a DIY Christmas gift to my doctor. He goes, “what is this? Am I supposed to eat this? Because there is a spoon.” No, and I tell him that it’s a salt scrub, although he could eat it since it’s all all-natural. He was fascinated stating that he’s never seen anything like it! I was super excited that my gift went over so well!

Awesome part number 3…

I picked up the prints of my grandmother and grandfather’s wedding photos. They look fabulous! I really hope everyone decides to frame them and hang them on their walls. Fourteen family members placed orders. Originally after finding the wedding album, I though, grandma agreed to make copies as christmas gifts. I spoke to my former neighbor, who I used to babysit for, that owns a photography studio. He gave me an awesome deal! But it was too steep for grandma. What I did instead was offer my entire family the opportunity to purchase their own copies. I haven’t recieved the money yet for what I’ve laid out, but the photos are gorgeous. I mean these two people are main influences in why I exist. Not the only people. My mom did have to date a few bad eggs to get me, but i digress. My grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party made me want a 50th so badly! At this point, to make 50, I need to marry someone and live with him until 83, AT LEAST. That does not sound like a great option. I’m thinking, like get married in the next three years, have a couple kids, then he kicks the bucket in like 25 years leaving me to be a single, well off, older lady able to travel the world with plenty of gentlemen callers…I mean, doesn’t that sound idea??

I think so!

I also played around with more oils today. I love them. They are happy mood enducing magic.

My mom made some great mac n cheese from a recipe she saw on Racheal Ray, but she let me substitute the pasta for gluten free chickpea, Banzo, pasta. Thank you! I am actually attempting to be wheat-free because I know it totally effects my body.


Thank you for sharing your time with me!

I love you, Beautiful People!

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