Let’s make this year the best year yet!

Welcome to 2017!

Lots to share

I let go of my 30-day challenge about halfway through completion last month. I am not being hard on myself about not finishing. I pushed myself to come up with topics for over two weeks. It definitely gave me practice, built my confidence, and honed my focus.

I’ve been very productive on others things over the last couple of weeks.

1. I finally made serious progress in the decluttering and straightening my bedroom.

I’m going for a completely clean hotel look. I have quite a bit to go. It’s hard letting go. But purging is really what would make me truly peaceful and happy. After watching the documentary The Minimalists last night, I have a strong motivation to release “stuff”. It’s really helped me see how only keeping things that truly bring you value and joy are worth keeping around.

Clothes that you never wear, coasters that you’ve kept as souvenirs and sit in a junk drawer, things that you have “because you might need it someday”, even photo albums that could be digital rather than collecting dust, these things are weighing us down, mentally and physically. Paying for the space to hold this crap is financially burdening us. It feels great walking into my clean-ish room. I smile and I’m excited to achieve the ultimate goal.

2. I truly committed to a goal that I’ve never quite worked towards before.

My arms have never been my best feature. Even when I was at my lowest adult weight, before my accident, feeling awesome and fit, and accomplished, my mom said “Great! Now you just need to work on your arms.” Talk about deflated! Well, not really, I’m pretty honest with myself so I knew that already, but it still stung. In high school, four of us on the junior varsity team were taking a physical test to be able to be cleared for varsity. We all passed each part up until the pull-ups. The Athletic Director was very empathetic to the fact that females do not possess great upper body strength. We all made the attempt. I don’t remember the number we needed to achieve, but not of us did. We were allowed to be bumped up to varsity. And if you were ever boxed out by me then you know I was strong enough to be on the court.

Pull-ups are on my goal list for the year. As are push-ups. I told my Physical Therapist that one of my goals this year is to be able to complete 50 push-ups. In the heat of the moment, I threw it out there, I said “I can do it by my birthday, in May.” He was impressed with my lofty goal. Did I mention I couldn’t do one full push-up at that point?

I told him I’d take a video and sent it to him. e chuckled and told me “Now you really have to do it.” Yes! I do. I’m rather pumped that I did that. It makes me truly accountable to this goal.

I found this article on Health.com, 50 push-up challenge. I am really going to do this push-up training program in one month. I originally gave myself FIVE Months. Now I’ve committed to 30 DAYS! (Hello Crazy Lady!)

3. Love your life in 30 days!

Last one, promise! I’m just too excited not to share this phenomenal program with you. I’ve written before about Mike Dooley and his Notes from the Universe. His thirty-day program is designed to have you spend less than 10 minutes a day focusing on exercises that will get you on the road to achieving the life of your dreams.

“Starting in January, 2017, let’s commit to taking action toward our dreams by completing 1 activity a day for 30 days! My hope is that by the end of 30 days, with 10 minutes of practice each day, we will all feel a little more confident, a little more capable, and a little more inspired to live the life of our dreams every day, from here on out!”~ Mike Dooley

You can purchase the workbook here~ Love your Life in 30 Days .


Thank you for sharing your time with me!

Love you, Beautiful People!

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