The fire is LIT

This new year is in full swing!

How do you change your life?

Have you taken advantage of the fresh start a new year can bring to your life? I started a Facebook group titled Empowering 2017 Together. My intention in creating the group is to have a comfortable, positive, and supportive space to share all things that bring love and happiness to our lives.

I saw my posts about similar things that my female friends were looking to achieve in 2017. So I started a group where we can love and support each other. Doing it all alone seems like nonsense in this time of such significant connection in social networking. Right?

I’ve had quite a productive first two weeks of 2017. One of my goals is to write happy moments on slips of paper from each day and put them in a jar. Check that off! I did do them all just now tonight. But hey, they are up to date as of right now!

Life Changing experiences

I was on the road for over a week. I visited my parents, which I’ll write about at another time, and I went to my company’s event called NYKO, New Year’s Kick-Off, in San Antonio, Texas!

If you ever needed someone to not only tell you that there is another way to live your life other than putting in efforts to get other people more money but SHOW you and help you FEEL the energy of this different lifestyle then you need to get to an Isagenix event asap.

I am so pumped to share this amazing company! Do you know a company that has independent studies done to show how effective their products are? INDEPENDENT. Meaning the outcome of the study is unbiased. Imagine having a study done to measure the physical adaptations on already highly active people (men and women).

Isagenix vs. traditional high protein diet. See study for more details.

Most companies wouldn’t even risk these kinds of studies because it could not work out in their favor. Measuring the athletic gains in people that are athletic gives you a small margin of success. Or so you would think! Look at those improvements.14x lower body explosive power! This long-term benefits study is even more exciting!

Having proven research to back up products that you already know are fabulous is just another way this company supports their associates.


Exciting announcements

Isagenix is opening in new markets! We are already available in all the Americas and many parts of south Asia. As of right now, we have presales of the most amazing nutrition in…

The United Kingdom!! Not like I need any more reasons to go to London. I mean one of my favorite people in the world lives there and it is my favorite city. Now I can earn a living over there too! I can’t contain my excitement!!!! I’ve already looked into moving there. Relocating is completely unnecessary to share Isagenix in the UK, but I am going to use it as another excuse. (Sorry Mom)

Giving back in a big way!

I bought a “Make-A-Wish” seat at NYKO. That means I made a donation for a reserved seat. Make-A-Wish is a great organization! I believe the amount Isagenix raised at this event was $64,000 (don’t quote me on that bc I didn’t get the picture in time). I did get this picture…

633 WISHES have been granted! If you know any child and family that has been given a wish from this organization then you know how truly special and life changing an opportunity it is.

Are you ready to step up you life?

Isagenix provides highly dense nutritional options to support a healthy lifestyle. For many people daily nutrition is severly lacking. Some people simply need something to bridge the gap between what they intake and the recommended daily values are. The first is most likely the case for a great majority of Americans because our dietary sources have been gravely stripped of nutients.

An amazing gift of free enrollment is available for this week until midnight on Sunday, 01/22/17. I know you want to know more or you know someone that can relate to the following video. I can offer solutions to everyone. People that need more energy to get through the day, better sleep, superior nutritional support for their athletic performance, convenient healthy meals, supportive weight loss, and healthy aging (which is literally everyone) can please contact me and let me show you how you can choose to magnify your life!


Yes, I got chills too! I think being there when those streamers went off at the end was the best part. I got to see Alfie Sheppard win the $25,000 IsaBody Challenge. Then I got to take a picture with him! I posted it in August but I’ll do it again just so you can visualize…

Alvie and I celebrating!

This man was even more jacked at NYKO 2017.

Winning $25,000 for getting in the best shape of your life physically and mentally.

It’s worth it. Free enrollment and free shipping for the next THREE months!

This is my team site for you to snoop around if you’re still skeptical. My mom was for months before she tried it and got below her retirement weight…after 20 years!


Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Love you, Beautiful People!


PS Did I mention that TONY ROBBINS will be at our Celebration 2017 in August!!

Tony fucking Robbins!! Watch it, be inspired!

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