Oh hey there!

Hi Beautiful People!!

Geesh! It has been WAY too long. I haven’t written in about a year and a half. I think I lost the drive or felt overwhelmed with keeping up with a weekly post. My drive for time and financial freedom brings me back on course and I can’t wait to share all the fantastic miracles life has brought since we last chatted.

All summer last year, as I was on the many adventures, I kept saying to myself how great of a blog post this experience would be and this one and this excellent family drama would be so fun to write about, and then I never sat down and wrote anything. Well, I’ll be here from now on building for my future and giving you antidotes to laugh with me about life.

I have signed up for a blogging course to help me learn the ins and outs of creating profit from writing. I would appreciate any help or sharing my posts if you enjoy them!

I am excited to start writing again and channel some creativity from the Universe.

I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks during my commute. I’ve been slacking on my book reading and audiobooks are an awesome alternative! So much so that when I have the radio on it actually feels weird. This is the current book that I’m listening to:

It really was the catalyst to get me wanting to write again. You have to give the Creativity opportunities to be channeled. The Universe is constantly sending us notes, messages, and signs that we need to be open and aware of in order to create.

You see, that blogging course I signed up for was in December. I’ve taken no action since then, Until today! Thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert.


Much Love,


I’ll be seeing you.


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