I’m Out Of The Loop Here In The Dating World

I was swiping through one of those dating apps yesterday when this face popped up. I’m like “oh, he’s cute…but familiar looking…oh!” Yes, he’s familiar looking because he’s one of those guys that I need to tell you about.

I send a “Flirt” and get a response back. He asks me if I do karate or martial arts. I said that I only know a couple of moves that a friend taught me from Krav Maga. Since I knew that he was a police officer I asked if he offered lessons. See picture for what happens next…

Oh what fun on PoF

It starts innocently enough...

How’s that sound?

I don’t know about you but I don’t think a whole lot of “tippy toeing” will be going on if I need to beat someone up to defend myself. I’m not exactly a tiny lady (as you’ll see stated in further conversation) I’ll let you know. I imagine it also quite challenging to continually jump on someone from on top of that person’s body.

If you didn’t think it already was getting weird, which I hadn’t yet come to that conclusion, here’s where it does.

It's not about the violence

Sure, absolutely, I am playful in a relationship. I enjoy being playful, affectionate, and friendly with my partner. Practicing standing on him and twisting so that I know how to hurt someone invading my space…a little bit different. Don’t you think?

I won an arm wrestling contest at the Youth Council one night against a cute boy, whom I would have guessed was much stronger. I won because I was. Not because he let me. FYI. You could tell how hard he tried.

Trying to play it off

I was trying to play if off because I was quite thoroughly confused as to where this was going. I thought he was cute and still had potential so I kept chatting.

“If you step all over me…”

Is this a thing? I’ve been out of the dating game for a while. What am I missing?

Now I’m sensitive and not a good match. I want a sensitive partner, a little sensitive. I am a sensitive person. I am perceptive and empathetic. I don’t plan on ever walking “all over” anyone because I just don’t see the point. If you want a little Asian lady at a massage parlor to step all over you, go right ahead. This Irish-German babe is staying planted on the ground. I give massages with hands and elbows and I’m damn good at it, btw.

All I can tell from this conversation is that I want my “I’ll make your dinner to bring to work, and when you get home we can go get Irish coffees” thing back. Simpler times…

Thank you for joining me this week!


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