I need to work on my title creativity

“I try not to take life too seriously.”

What does this mean? It’s a standard online dating line that I see on quite a few male profiles. Is the opposite considered a bad thing? I want to put “I take life 100% seriously” in response. Life is serious.

Life should be

Most beautiful photo ever. This is from my trip to Canada this past weekend.
Most beautiful photo ever.
This is from my trip to Canada this past weekend.
  • seriously enjoyed
  • seriously lived
  • seriously laughed about
  • seriously travelled
  • seriously tasted
  • seriously danced
  • seriously loved


Please take life seriously. Waiting for things to be this way or just right will get you one place only, out of time. You can be completely enamored in life right this very moment and every single moment for the rest of your life IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE. Why wait? Why spend years “trying to lose weight” so that you can find a man, so you can wear cute clothing, so that you can like your body…so on and so on.


Your body does Amazing things every second of your life. Take 3 deep slow breaths. Did you do it? Try it with your eyes closed and do it again. I’ll wait………….

How much calmer and lighter do you feel? It’s the magic that is your body at work. Enjoy it, seriously. It happens once in a lifetime. Well, for most people it’s only once. Some people get stuff cut off, sealed up, or replaced.

That took a turn. Losing weight was an example. The point is to be happy now and stop waiting for anything. Just get moving! Go do things. Take in the view. Feel the sunshine on your face. Love the shit out of life!

I ask you to please seriously consume all life has to offer. It’s splendid when you take it seriously.

Love you.

Thank you!

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