“OM”ing my way to inner peace


Earlier this sumer we began our journey together; a journey that has been jam packed with travel, adventure, and a very unset schedule. My bedroom is point in case of the hectic, joyous summer 2016. I have been blessed with people and places to visit, and the phenomenal travel partners to visit those places with. An #attitudeofgratitude is what brings me so much joy about the Universe providing me with my future travels and adventures. (Thank you)

om-infograpphicThe Consequences

I must admit, I did feel very out of sorts. As of the end of the spring semester at my job, I was meditating, reading, and journaling all within an hour of waking up. I expressed gratitude upon waking. I’d relax in bed, stretch when I got out of bed, and was walking a couple times per week during a work break. My team finished the season in early May. I began my summer adventure!

These habits that I had spent months developing took a quick back seat to sleeping in and conquering my summer freedom. I typically work 6 days per week while in-season, which is most of the year. I wasn’t meditating, wasn’t reading, wasn’t journaling, and certainly was not moving nearly as much as normal. I had my surgery at the end of May and was laying around binging on Netflix whenever I was home.

Back on Track176049-How-To-Meditate-In-6-Steps

Preseason began on August 14th. It’s a hectic two weeks of double sessions of practice and whining athletes that all “need” a Flexall massage (Flexall=IcyHot). Do I need to tell you that my hands need a massage of their own?

I have used this settling down in my schedule as a way to get back into a zen state of flow. I have been meditating every morning. I will be meditating at night a few times per week as well!

I love meditating!


If you’re a friend of mine, I’ve most likely recommended a specific meditation to you. I enjoy Guided Meditation. When I first considered meditating I thought I had to sit there with my legs crossed chanting “OM” for a very uncomfortable amount of time. There are many ways to meditate (see image) and you can sit or lay down!

Guided Meditation walks you through a scene or scenario. This allows you to solely focus on the meditation, not all the other crap going on in your head. Topics can range from anxiety relief and assistance sleeping to healing your inner child and achieving blissful inner peace. When someone comes to me with a problem of any kind I recommend meditating. It’s helped me get to this place of Fresh Air that I wrote about last week. It’s magical! I’ve been meditating for the last four mornings. During this stressful time of the year, my meditations have come in very handy. This one that I used this morning was particularly helpful:


Improve Patience & Discipline 

I hope you find some benefits from this tool that I have shared with you. Meditating can be less than 10 minutes to hours long. I’ve tried a 45-minute meditation. It was challenging to not think about other things for that long. I started to keep thinking “how much time is left” after a while (I’m not sure how long it took me to get to that point because I kept at it). I took the challenge, pushing the thoughts away, focusing on my breathing, and counting my breaths. My goal is to work my way towards none guided meditating. For now, I enjoy being guided into a garden of English Roses and playing with my inner child. This on is my very favorite for any kind of ailment, stress, body aches:

Healing Light Energy, Full Body Scan Guided Meditation



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