You can’t get in the game if you don’t step on the field.

Suit up

I know online dating is not an exact science. That being said, I like the exact sciences. Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy. You know what you’re getting. You plug numbers into a formula and get your answer. You look up at the sky to see constellations and shooting stars.

“A science whose laws are capable of accurate quantitative expression”

Online dating is more like a game of cricket. Who the hell knows how to play cricket?! (I am aware that it is far more popular outside of the United States, but this is my point of view) It’s confusing, and at this point getting too long to be enjoyable. Let’s go gentlemen!


How long after the initial “Hi there!” are you supposed to meet to see if there is chemistry? I’ve gotten invitations to drive up to Yonkers as a first interaction. Sorry, not happening, Dude. Then there is the six weeks of blah blah blah before I’m no longer interested. That guy, who seemed very sweet and perfectly nice, I had to tell two months later after he was still not getting it that I was not interested in going out, mainly because he never actually asked me to! Just wanted to keep chit chatting without action.

Get your game face on

I am a woman of action. I listen to people by the actions they take. Not the dribble that comes out of their mouths. Show me. Don’t just tell me. I’ve learned, very gratefully, a lot from my long term relationships about building trust, communication, and respect. Most of it has to do with the actions you take in order to connect with your significant other and build a solid foundation. Words can be very very sneaky weapons. Words can be used to manipulate, challenge, deceive, uplift, empower, and love, among thousands of other uses, your favorite person that you put before any one else, bea. I believe words should only be used for good. But what is better than telling someone you love, adore, cherish, or want to take out for a drink to get to know her? Asking her to go out, and the FOLLOW THROUGH.

There have been a number of potential suitors that say are you available next weekend, on Tuesday of this week. How about a little more short term than that? Another example is when we set a date, let’s say Thursday, then I get a text from him on Friday saying “hi, what’s up?” Seriously? We were supposed to meet last night and I didn’t hear from you, why are you texting me right now?

Run the play

I’ll admit that for a while I was reluctantly trying to date. I was after all very, extremely hung up on a particular guy who I finally refer to as my ex. It was like I was forcing myself to date and try to move on because he was literally doing just about everything he could to force my hand. (No worries, I’ve finally taking my hand and left the table.) I guess that I wasn’t projecting a great energy in those few dates that I did manage to force myself to go on. I enjoyed myself a couple of times. (Mind you I’ve been on less than 10 dates, give or take, in the course of the last two years or so.) not like I’ve had a huge pool to get experiences from.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that when I find a guy that has potential I am going to plan a specific date, meet him, and hope it’s magical. Dating is supposed to be fun after all, yes? you have to get in the game to see where it leads you!

Thank you for sharing in my journey! Love you, Beautiful People.

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