The holiday shopping conundrum

I’m having a bit of severe anxiety. I just posted my first post for my 30-day challenge, let’s call it #TraciEvolveChallenge. It was a couple of minutes after midnight (6 minutes). So technically I was late with my very first post…don’t hold it against me. In the long run, it won’t matter to anyone. And no matter if I’m late, taking the time to type up a blog post every single day will be pushing on the boundaries of my comfort zone for sure.

My anxiety is because, being my mothers daughter, I bought nothing except gas and groceries between Thanksgiving and today. NOT-A-THING. I didn’t “save” a single dollar. I looked at so many deals today. I could have “saved” hundreds of dollars. My heart is racing thinking about all the deals that I missed out on today. My mom is super frugal, in the best way possible. If you look at her closet you’d question me and I would understand why. So here are some examples

  • She put 50% down on the house she bought in 1980 and paid it off not too many years later.
  • She shops at Nordstrom Rack. Which is amazing and I spent over $300 the first time she took me there. Which included a dress that I wore for my cousin’s wedding. You should check it out if you’ve never been there.
  • She always looks cool and effortless. Is it sad that I think my mom dresses better than me?
  • My parents retired, fairly young. (This is a huge reason for my “Why” in my business. Maybe that will be tomorrow’s post, my “Why”.)
  • We’ve been members at the beach club for nearly the entire life of my little brother. (One of my very favorite places on earth.) It’s not especially cheap.

Making this list has made me feel a lot better about not “saving” tons of money on Cyber Monday. You realize that to save all that money you need to spend a whole ton more? And when your family does not give you any feedback when you text them “Christmas gift ideas?”, why should you be buying anything?

Afterall, I typically spend so much money during the holiday season buying myself things that I “need” because I never shop during the year. I can afford to put extra money in my savings account, it’s called “Wealth Account”. More money to go towards my two bedroom condo overlooking the water with 1.5 bath and a spacious balcony. I want that more than anything that someone else would purchase for me for Christmas.

I suggested a fancy family dinner instead of exchanging gifts. I was thinking a steak house, (I’d get the lobster of course because steak is not my thing). My brother didn’t seem very interested or excited. But when I told my mom about going out to a “nice dinner” she somehow thought “yes, we can order from Remo’s and have it catered”. Uhh, no mom. That totally defeates the point of a full service fancy meal out with the family. I’m not looking to save all my pennies like a tight wad.

It’s just that I never know what to get anyone. I feel like a complete failure when it comes to buying other people gifts. Plus, when you look around the house that is overstuffed with stuff that never moves or gets thrown out, why would you think BUYING MORE CRAP is a good idea. Let’s go have a fun night out being waited on. I think it’s a grand ole plan! We don’t go out to eat often. We can manage to be fancy people for a full hour or two of dinner service. Right?

I’m not a flower and jewelry type of lady to begin with. YES, I love receiving jewelry! Do onto take that the wrong way. I don’t need an overpriced Tiffany piece for every occasion. My preferences are for overnight or weekend trips, Broadway show, concerts, and anything that requires my passport. I appreciate experiences far more than stuff that will collect dust.

Im still feeling anxious about having not taken advantage of any awesome deals. What I could do is put a couple hundred dollars in my Wealth Account to feel imitate the money that would need to be paid to my credit card company.

That makes me feel Positive

Thank you for sharing, Beautiful People!

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