What kind of essentials do you use?

Woke up today super early, 7 am. No alarm. Just the time my brain decided “hey, babe, it’s time to wake up. So I went with it. I laid in bed and instead of meditating like I should have, I found a move. Suffragette was on! I’ve been looking for this movie for a while now. Not like hunting it down, but occasionally checking if it’s on. I found it super quick and it was only 2 minutes into the movie! Fast forward, it was a great movie. I still didn’t feel like getting up so I found another movie and eventually fell back to sleep. “Eventually” = about 2.5 hours. I woke up to my mom calling me.

My day from there got very productive. I ran some errands and decided it was time…

Time to do some deep cleaning.

I’m not big on dusting and vacuuming. I like a clean sink.

The counter is not the same as the basin.
The counter is not the same as the basin.

I hand wash my dishes after I use them..Sometimes it a day later. But the house needed some serious work. My main motivation is that I want to put the tree up which it no fun in a messy environment.

My first step was to refill my essential oil mixes. The cleanser is melaleuca, or tea tree oil, in water. The room freshener/smoke remover is a mixture of rosemary, melaleuca, and eucalyptus. I bought spray bottles at the Dollar Store a few weeks ago. There are a number of concoctions I plan to make, like the shoe odor eater.

Dr. Axe has a ton of resources about essential oils. They are great for cleaning and healthy living. Essential oils have many qualities, especially that some are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and/or anti-viral. My most effective oil so far is peppermint. I began to get a migraine at work last year, the black spots and tunnel vision kind, but I put the oil on my temples while a massive headache was starting and it was gone within minutes. Magic I tell you.

I personally use doTerra oils. They are 100% therapeutic grade, which is the only kind you want if you’re going to ingest them. I use them for many personal uses and for around the house. But my favorite thing is to use them with my athletes. I mostly use them for when I do massages, which this season is about 3-7 per day. People even refer athletes from other sports into see me for oil, like peppermint for headaches. It’s cool being referred to. I mean I refer athletes out to specialists regularly. Being able to give them that extra special touch to help with inflammation, stiff joints, or nausea is cool.

Any questions, you know where to find me!

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Love you, Beautiful People.

A diffuser is an excellent way to incorporate essential oils in to your home or office. Click the pic to go check some out on Amazon.

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