My weekend was Lit

I walked into work today and was told that my weekend was “The most Lit Weekend.” Now are far as weekends go, I’d say it was pretty great. Hang on, let’s back up a second.


When something is turned up or popping …
Yes, that is the definition from Urban Dictionary. I think most people would then need the definition of “turned up” and “popping.” Being a grown up has it’s challenges. My co-workers meant that my weekend was awesome. And it was. But I barely posted about any of it on social media so I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion.
I told you about brunch on Sat. I missed my Sunday blog post because I wanted to hang out with my family a bit longer last night so I only got home a few minutes before 12am.  Now I’m going to tell you about Sunday.
Since my team did not make it to the NCAA finals, I was home for my second full two day weekend. A rarity in athletic training. If we had one I would have been flying home from Sioux Falls, SD yesterday instead. I am so grateful to have this extra time off because I get to spend it sightseeing in the city that I love and visiting with family that I adore.
I was invited to see Mary Poppins at the John W Engeman Theatre at Northport with my cousin, my aunt, and her mother-in-law, Grandma Dot. We went to dinner at Robke’s Country Inn down the road from the theatre. The options were endless. Besides the menu, there was the chalkboard specials, then the off the menu specials. We were all quite delighted with our meals. And I was very happy with my Irish Coffee!
The theatre has quite a history in the community dating back to it’s original construction in 1912. It’s been beautifully renovated to resemble an theater equal to it’s original state.
The play was spectacular. Mary Poppins voice and mannerisms were perfection. I think everyone sang a long as some point during the performance. I laughed a whole bunch of times and throroughtly enjoyed it all.
So, yea, my weekend was lit. I loved every minute of it. Especially the  relaxing in bed before spending time with friends and family.
You can’t sit around waiting for life to happen. Get out there and make it happen! #eatsprinklesandshitrainbows
Thank you for sharing your time with me!
Love you, Beautiful People!

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