About Me

Hi! I’m Tracie.

I am born and raised on Long Island, NY.

I'm entertaining.
I’m entertaining.


My mom is one of nine children. My dad is the oldest and only male of five. Yep, large family. I totally love it! I have about 30 cousins. I am a family girl. I love visiting and connecting with them, as you’ll see from my of my posts.

I am currently single, and I do not want to be. You’ll hear about my #adventuresindating in my posts. I have been in two long term relationships, 5+ years. I love being in a relationship and all the fun goodness that comes with connecting with that one person in very special ways. I do love my current relationship status. There are many benefits to both status’ and I appreciate each.

I’m into meditation, the Law of Attraction, roller coasters, traveling whenever possible, sightseeing in the city, meetup.com events, country music festivals, holistic living, and enjoying the gift of life I’ve been given. I believe that living with

I believe that living with an #attitudeofgratitude is the best way to bring more good to everything that life offers us. Positivity rules. Trust in the Universal power. It has got your back.

I am an Amazon affiliate which means that when you click on the Amazon product links on my page I earn income from purchases you make. Thank you in advance.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to share in my blogging experience. Please follow me so that you will always be kept up-to-date with love and laughter.

Love you, Beautiful People